These Are Three Factors That Can Affect Someone’s Drunk Conditions

Consume alcohol is certainly not something good especially if consumed in large quantities. Someone who consumes alcohol in large quantities will usually experience a hangover condition. If you have experienced this condition, someone is advised not to drive any vehicle even go anywhere. However, there are still many people who drive their vehicles in a drunken condition. lawyers can help you if you have a case of riding when intoxicated and ending up on a legal path. With their help, you will not be alone to face any demands given to you.

There are some people who instantly get drunk while consuming alcohol, but there are also those who do not experience it at all. This is because the condition of drunkenness was influenced by various factors. Some of the factors that affect this condition are

– Age
The increasing age, it will also decrease the body’s ability to overcome the effects of alcohol. Based on research, drunkenness and alcohol symptoms are less common in adolescents and someone who mature. So, the more mature a person is, then they will be more susceptible to having drunk conditions, than those who are young.

– Genetic
Drunk symptoms are related to how efficiently your body breaks and absorbs alcohol. Genes play an important role in enzymes that work to process acetaldehyde or substances that are toxic to the body.

– Type of Alcohol
Usually, alcohol drinks that have a darker color will be easier to cause a hangover, when compared with brighter colored alcohol drinks. This is related to the fermentation processed substances called congeners. Dark drinks, such as red wine, bourbon, and whiskey usually have higher levels of congeners when compared with vodka. The more levels of congeners present in alcohol, the drunker a person experiences will get worse. Especially if you consume several types of alcohol drinks at once.

– Gender
Women are more at risk of getting intoxicated than men. This is due to the difference in the percentage of water in women and men. Women have higher levels of fat, then automatically lower water content. Meanwhile, the male body is dominated by muscles that consist mostly of water. Lack of water will make the alcohol in the blood more difficult to dissolve.

– Mixed Soda Drink
Mixing alcohol with soft drinks is not a good thing to do because it will aggravate the condition and symptoms of a hangover that will be inflicted. Alcohol drinks containing soda will more quickly reach the small intestine and will easily enter into the blood circulation. This will cause the symptoms of drunkenness that you feel is getting worse.


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